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JMobile 4.0 New Features

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April 21st
15:00 CEST

Here is Just Some of What You'll Learn

The Incredible Ease of Connection to Cloud Services

Discover how JMobile has been specifically enhanced to allow MQTT and direct Corvina Cloud connections, literally in no more than a few clicks.

Reporting complex data, such as tables

Reporting complex data, such as tables (alarms, trends, audits) and trend graphs is possible with the new PDF report function. PDF files can now have a signature for data security, as required in demanding applications such as those compliant with 21 CFR Part 11.

The Unified Approach to Native and Web Applications

Learn how to create screens optimized for visualization on any client while saving programming time. New JMobile project validation technology makes it simpler creating fully operational applications under all conditions..

See the redesign and refactoring of existing JMobile function

The redesign and refactoring of existing JMobile function is the best way to improve programming efficiency while ensuring full compatibility. It is also a method to keep GUI up to date. In JMobile 4.0 you will find a great new design for Project view, Tag and Alarm Editors

And all these other functions too.....

MQTT Service

Corvina Interface

Unified programming of native and web pages

Project validator

Project View redesign

Tag Editor redesign

Synchronization with symbol files

Alarm Editor redesign

Tag Scaling and Type Casting

Support of tables and graphs in PDF reports

Signed PDF reports

JM4web support for generic tables, audit tables, trend tables

Trend data acquisition up to 10 samples/second

Trend data acquisition of alphanumeric tag

And even more functions

Configurable column view for trend tables

Up to 300 tags for a single datalog

JS API functions for user management

More rules for password definition

Import/export text for message widget in XML

Live tags in text widgets, Message widgets and alarms

Historical alarms with collapsed view

Regional settings as project properties

BACnet server functions in BACnet protocol

BACnet JS API function for device and object discovery at runtime

Play videos from external data sources

Sending SMSs with PLCM09


About Nicola Tiano

Nicola is our Technical Support Manager and is responsible of the Global Support Team based out of Verona on:

- JMobile Technical Support

- Corvina Cloud Technical Support

- Training and technical support to application development

April 21st
15:00 CEST